Our Mission

Cuddles for Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to providing comfort to kids in need. Our mission is to provide comfort to children going through rough times. We do this by providing cuddly stuffed animals for them to hold on to. These kids could be sick in the hospital, kids who have lost everything in a house fire, are in a children's home or maybe have been through a natural disaster. The need for these fuzzy friends is endless. With the help from others we hope to collect thousands of stuffed animals for the thousands of kids who need those extra snuggles. When going through a hard time you often feel alone and like you just need something to hold on to. Even though stuffed animals may not seem real or like a big deal to older kids and adults, to little kids they are everything. They are their best friends and playmates. It may be something small but it can mean a lot. We hope through Cuddles for Kids we can educate others on how easy it is to spread kindness no matter your age. We are proud to serve at this time approximately  5,000 children in Central Illinois. 


We value people who are looking to better the world by

spreading kindness to others. Below is what we believe

to be our core values and what we aspire to be.


C - Compassionate to others. 
U - Understanding of all backgrounds and situations.  

D - Dependable to the community and those we serve. 

D - Dedicated to service of others.

L - Leadership

E - Ethically Minded

S - Spread Kindness



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